Contact Me

I usually post articles I find interesting on my twitter account, @nathanoseroff. I post semi-frequently, mostly articles I find interesting.

I don't use Facebook or LinkedIn, even though I have profiles on both. I just don't ever check them. I first stopped checking them because it was too much of a strain on my old computer; I no longer check them out of principle. The lack of presence on Facebook and LinkedIn is likely crushing my future job prospects. I prefer to think it makes me look mysterious.

You can contact me at my personal email address at

nathanoseroff [at] gmail [dot] com 

or at my institutional email address at

nathan [dot] oseroff [at] kcl [dot] ac [dot] uk.

My Skype address is


If I have internet access and a phone, I'll try to respond as soon as possible, but given that I have spent more than five years in London without acquiring a SIM card and a mobile plan, it may take a few hours until I hit a WiFi spot. This is part of my attempt at selective Luddism.

If I don't respond, I'm most likely in-between the KCL philosophy department and my apartment in Peckham, trapped on a bus or out for a pint at the Four Quarters. If I'm not in those locations, I'm likely in a museum over in Greenwich.

If you really needed to hear back from me within the hour, you're probably not someone that's discovered this website after Googling my name. You know how to reach me on short notice.
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