Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Starting out

I decided that with the beginning of a new year, it would be appropriate to set up some academic-style blog, even if it were just for personal record-keeping.

Some info if you stumble on this website after searching my name: 

My academia.edu page is here. The CV is somewhat out of date, as well as poorly formatted in XeLaTeX. I chose XeLaTeX over its rivals due to a desire to use the Myriad Pro typeface, so I ended up in a technological cul-de-sac or local maximum out of an early aesthetic choice. A shame XeLaTeX isn't compatible with a number of packages. I would do it all differently if I could do it over again, which I expect I will do sometime in the future. In a way, I have: a rough version of the CV is on this website here.

If you look around the internet, you may find a recording of a talk I gave at the Conceptual Spaces at Work 2016 conference. The video is available here. The not-so-nice part of speaking at the talk was no visual feedback from the audience, as well as too much audio feedback of my own voice through the speakers.

I shelved the paper for CS@W 2016 but may work on it later in the future. Due to my love of Jorge Luis Borges and Umberto Eco, I was thinking of provisionally titling it, 'How to travel through an ordered Babylonian library' or some variation thereof, combining Eco's essay 'How to travel with a salmon' and Borges' short story, 'The library of Babel'.

I have also held off from publishing another paper I presented at the Fourth Meeting of the Nordic Network for Philosophy of Science back in October of 2016. If you want to see a preprint version, send me an email.

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